Instrument: UV-VIS-NIR SpectrophotomUV-viseter

Model: UV-3600 (Shimadzu)

Location: Conte B-523

Access: FOM


Description: The instrument provides the measurements of transmittance for solutions and thin-film samples over the spectral range from 185 nm to 3300 nm. TCC-240A thermo-electrically temperature-controlled cell holder provides a range of temperature control from 7 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius. The specular reflectance attachment enables precise and convenient measurements of reflectance. The Praying-MantisTM diffuse reflection accessory enables reliable diffuse reflectance studies of powders and other rough-surface solid samples as well as of solutions with high scattering.


Instruction notes, manuals, links to vendor websites and other resources for this instrument will be available here soon.