Instrument: QE/IPCE InstrumentIPCE

Model: QE-PV-SI Measurement Kit, dc mode (Newport/Oriel Instruments)

Location: Conte B-523

Access: FOM



Description: The instrument consists of a 150 W Xe arc lamp, monochromator and a calibrated silicon reference cell with power meter. It is used for Quantum efficiency (QE)/Incident Photon to Charge Carrier Efficiency (IPCE) measurement for solar cells, detectors, or any other photon-to-charge converting device over the 400 - 1100 nm spectral range. Two configurations of the instrument, in a dc and ac modes, allow for testing photovoltaic devices with long photo-response times and with low power conversion efficiencies, respectively. The current device configuration is "dc".


Instruction notes, manuals, links to vendor websites and other useful resources for the instrument will be available here soon.