We are using the Facilities Online Manager (FOM) system to request training, reserve instruments, track the actual usage time, track the status of instruments and their repairs and MANY other things. If you are an internal user and do not have an account on FOM, please set up one. Connect to the Facilities Online Manager Site here. Note that you would need to provide a SpeedType number as a part of your registration procedure. 

FOM User Manual


All trainings are typically done by the Facility Manager. Please use FOM for training requests for a specific instrument and indicate several options of your preferred availability in the request.

For certain instruments, experienced users are allowed to train their group members. After completing such a training, please contact the Facility Manager to request permission to use that instrument and to activate your access on FOM. Note that training for UPS and TOF instruments can be done by the Facility Manager only!


An online reservation system FOM is available to all facility users for management of access time for each instrument. 


Please reserve time slot in advance on FOM first. When your reserved time begins, please log in into the instrument. After completing your experiments, please log-out. You will be charged for your actual usage time. Please do not forget to log out!


UMass users: Routine access to the EM&D center laboratories is enabled by activation of UMass ID card. Please e-mail the Facility Director to request your card to be activated. 

Outside users: Currently, arrangements need to be made with the Facility Director to gain access to the facility for each visit.


After hours access to Conte Building should be requested from the Department of Polymer Science & Engineering. Please contact the main office (A-120).


Operation of TOF instrument requires Laser Safety Training. Please contact EH&S department to schedule such a training. Please complete the training ahead of your first TOF training.

Note that all internal users need LabSafety, Hazardous Waste Management and Right to Know trainings be up to date in order to work in the EM&D Center laboratories. The expired training can be repeated online here.

Note that the EM&D Center laboratories are NOT an organic chemistry or polymer synthesis lab. Do NOT leave or dispose of laboratory or sample wastes improperly in this lab!!


The UMass Amherst Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office offers safety and environmental management programs, including Academic Safety Services and Environmental & Hazardous Materials Management Services, as well as fire, radiation, biological, chemical, environmental health, environmental management and emergency management.

The EHS team responds to chemical spills, fires, fire alarms, safety, health concerns and other issues 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Call 911 in an emergency. For non-emergencies, call EHS at (413) 545-2682.