Instrument: Device fabrication line

Model: collection of instruments from different vendors

Location: Conte B-523 and B-524

Access: Spin-coater and thermal evaporator should be reserved in FOM. Access to other instruments requires subscription to "Device fabrication" package, on annual basis for internal users and on daily basis for external academic and non-academic users. See "USER FEES" page for further details. These instruments are used on "first-come-first-served" basis.

Description: The following tools and resources are available in the EM&D Center for fabrication of devices:

  1. Materials storage cabinet (N2 purged)
  2. Analytical Balances (A&D, model HR-60)
  3. Ultrasonic cleaner (Branson, Model 4200) - used to remove assortment of organic contaminants from a variety of surfaces including the Indium Tin Oxide - coated glass substrates typically used in the process of organic solar cell fabrication.
  4. StableTemp Gravity Convection Oven (used for glass baking, Cole-Parmer, Model UX-52120-02)
  5. UV/Ozone Cleaner (Jelight Company Inc., UVO Cleaner)
  6. Spin-coater (Specialty Coating Systems, Spincoat G3P-8) for aqueous solution - a compact spin-coater that provides the ability to hold your product wafer with a vacuum chuck and spin that chuck at precise speeds and for controlled periods of time. The user-friendly settings and available multiple operation steps, with each step being extremely repeatable and settable to 0.1 sec, give a freedom of varying the deposition conditions for optimizing the morphology of deposited films. 
  7. Precision Hot Plate (Electronic Microsystems LTD, model 1000-1) - for film annealing at temperatures from 50 oC to 150 oC and with accuracy to ±1% across working surface.
  8. Laboratory Vacuum Oven (Lindberg/Blue M, model VO914SA-1) – designed for drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process control and other applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres or vacuum/purge with non-flammable and inert atmospheres


The subsequent device fabrication steps are typically done inside of the glove box system. Our custom-designed, two-compartment glove box system (MBraun) is operated using nitrogen gas and enables the users to store and handle substances which are sensitive to oxygen and/or moisture in non-reactive atmosphere of < 1 ppm.



The following instruments for device fabrication are located inside the glove box system:

  1. Spin-coater (Specialty Coating Systems, Spincoat G3P-8) – for spin-coating of active layers
  2. Precision Hot Plate (Electronic Microsystems LTD, model 1000-1) – for pre-annealing of active layers and post-annealing of photovoltaic devices
  3. Two-Source Thermal Evaporator  (MBraun) – for metal and metal oxide film deposition
  4. E-beam Evaporator (MDC vacuum products) – for metal and metal oxide film deposition