CVimageInstrument: Electrochemical Workstation

Model: Epsilon Basic with C3-cell stand (BASi Instruments)

Location: Conte B-523

Access: FOM


Description: potentiostat/galvanostats/potentiometer that enables: 

  • Cyclic Voltammetry,
  • Linear Sweep Voltammetry,
  • Chronoamperometry/Chronocoulometry,
  • Controlled Potential Electrolysis,
  • DC Potential Amperometry,
  • Chronopotentiometry,
  • Open Circuit Potential vs. Time methods in pulse, square wave, and stripping modes

This instrument is the most common techniques for electrochemical characterization of new redox systems.

Note that the electrodes and reference solutions are not provided by the EM&DC. They can be purchased from BASi.

Instruction notes, manuals, links to vendor websites and other useful resources for the instrument will be available here soon.