Instrument: solsim1

Solar Simulator 1 and I-V station (inside a Glove Box)

Model: 91160, (Newport/Oriel Instruments)

             Source-Meter 2400 (Keithley)

Location: Conte B-524

Access: FOM


Description: 300W Solar Simulator, equipped with AM1.5G spectral correction filter - produces a uniform, collimated, 2 ´ 2 inch output beam with close spectral match to sunlight and with a power equivalent to up to ~2 Suns. The KG5-filtered Silicon reference cell (Newport/Oriel, Model 91150V) is used for the irradiance calibration. The current-voltage characteristics of the solar cells under standard illumination conditions are measured using the SourceMeter (Keithley, model 2400).